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Tournament Directors:

The new WSRS Registration program is now available from whsca.  The program was written by Kirk Winges to replace the old SwissMix program.  It has the following advantages over SwissMix:










To use the program, you MUST have the .net framework from Microsoft installed on your computer.  The .net framework is too large for this website (appx. 20 mb) but is available free in a re-distributable format from Microsoft.  You can obtain it at:


It will be about a 20mb file.  You must download it then follow the instructions to install it on your computer.  Once you have the .net framework installed, you can run the new registration program.  I have included the new registration program in the following zip file, along with current data you will need to run the program.  There is a help file in the program with some general instructions on how to use the program, although you may find it intuitive enough to not need much instruction.  First step is to get the ratings file – note this is not the old ratings.dta format, but the new format with names like rate50.dat, or rate58.dat, etc.  Once you have the ratings file loaded, you can begin entering players in the tournament.  Just highlight the player from the database and enter him/her to the section you desire using the add buttons.  Note that keyboard entry (avoiding the mouse, like I do) is possible using alt-1, alt-2, alt-3 etc. to enter players in section 1, 2, 3 etc.  Double-clicking is used for check-in and paid recording.  The small buttons above the tournament box are for sorting the tournament file.  NOTE – use the file|save option to save your work for a later session – writing the file to the DOS or Windows export files DOES NOT SAVE YOUR WORK.  Use those export options only when you are done and ready to go to SwissSys.


Here’s the program and data files you will need to run.


The files are in a zipped format, so you will need to download the .zip file, and “unzip” it.  It’s probably best to put all the files in a single directory on your hard drive.  If you have installed the .net framework, the registration program, called WSRSRegV1.exe should run when you click it.  Once the program is up and running, pull up the help file for more instructions.  As new ratings files are released, I will place them in the file above, along with any updates to the registration program.  That way, you can get the latest data by simply downloading the file each time.


Good luck and feel free to contact me with any problems you have with the program.  It’s best to contact me via e-mail although the phone numbers provided elsewhere on this website can be used to contact me for more urgent issues.


Kirk Winges