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State Qualifier!!!!

(Saturday, February 14, 2004)

Grades: k-12.††

Site:Gray Middle School††† 3109 S. 60th Street, Tacoma, WA 98409.

Directions from I-5:†† Take the 56th Street exit heading west. Go across TacomaMall Blvd. on 56thWest.You should now be heading west pass a hill on your left,with freeway behind you. At the first stoplight take a left (Oak Street), go two blocks (60th Street) then right turn all the way to the school.If you have driven for more than 2.5 minutes after exiting the freeway, you have probably passed the school. If you passed back over the freeway after exiting, you are certainly heading in the opposite direction. You may legally park even in the bus zone of the school or in adjacent Edison Elementary parking lot. The only building entrance will be at the front door. Format:5 round Swiss: Game/30 (maximum hour for each game). If enough clocks are not available at the start of games, clocks will be placed on boards with game/10 remaining. Sections: k-1stU900,2nd-3rd U900, 4th-6th U900, K-6 Big Hearts Open Championship. 7th-12th grade U900,k-12th grade Big Hearts OpenChampionship. This would be a good practice challenge for k-6 graders who have already qualified for the state championship and arenít afraid of giants. Awards:Early registrations dictate awards.Nelson Hanton has a reputation for providing most generous awards. Grade level awards consideration. Entry Fee:$9.00 (pre-registered)$12.00 (if paying at the door). Please send registrations to Nelson Hanton 1458†† N. Villard Tacoma, WA Payments Even though $12.00 payment may be accepted at the door you must pre-register with complete information before arriving. Please have exact change if paying by cash.Please use email or very early snail mail. Deadline:Registrations received after 10:00 PM February 12th will be considered too late. Schedule:Please check in as early as 8:00 AM and no earlier. If you arrive at 7:30 AM you will not be admitted into the building. Round one will be begin at 9:30AM. A lunch break will be given between rounds 2 and 3.Help:If you would like to help with the tournament in any way, please let Nelson Hanton know. The workers needed are; floor judges, runners, security watch, awards distribution, and very minimal cleaning.

Concessions:We are planning to feed you, unless you have a special pickety-ickety diet.

You may buy food from us or go to nearby Bridgeport Way Avenue to buy whatever you need. Fun:Provided the behavior is great, the sportsmanship is excellent, and all have had enough sleep the night before, all most certainly will have fun whether or not you an award is earned. Warning:Poor sportsmanship is treated mercilessly here. Do not bring students who do not respect rules on or off the boards. They will not be allowed to remain with us. Facilities Available: Large auditorium for tournament, gym and outdoors for burn-offs, cafeteria and halls for skittles and eating.

Miscellaneous: Pleeeeeeeeeease bring chess equipment. Also bring your own sports equipment.

Registration Information:Please send correct spellings of names, grades, schools, ratings if known, and the section you wish to play in to or snail mail to Nelson Hanton 1458 N. Villard Tacoma, WA 98406.