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Site: Islander Middle School, 8225 SE 72nd, Mercer Island.  From I-90 take exit #7, Island Crest Way, and head south on Island Crest Way approximately 3.2 miles.  Go right (west) at SE 68th St. for 1 long block.  Go left (south) on 84th SE.  After 2+ blocks, 84th curves right, but turn left to continue south on 84th.  School is now on your right; park near gym-size buildings. Call 206-794-6010 for tourney day directions only  Take directions with you on tournament day!!


Format:  Four round Swiss system tournament, five player teams, computer-paired, pairing and places by total board points--every game counts!  Teams must play in order of known player strength, top to bottom.  This means rated players (unless provisionally rated--less than 15 games in the WSRS system) must appear first on your player list. Teams will be seeded in order of average ratings.


Eligible:  Teams from Washington junior high (grades 7-9) and middle schools (5 or 6-8).  All team players must be from one school; no "composed" teams will be admitted, except in the case of the public access law, in which parochial and private school students without a chess program, or home schooled students, may participate in the program of the closest neighboring public school which has a program, per Washington State code.  We check for recruiting!


Schedule:  Check in no later than 9 a.m.  Round 1 at 9:30 a.m.  Rounds 2-4: 12 noon, 2 and 4 p.m.  Rounds will be moved up whenever possible if players finish early.  Awards asap after round 4, about 6:30 p.m.  ATTENTION!  Teams not fully checked in by 9 a.m. will be fined clock time in round one.


Note: In order to allow adequate time for a Game/60 state championship event, we have allowed no time between rounds except round one.  Bring as many clocks as you can, and beg and borrow from associated high school programs.


Time Control:  Game/60 - means 60 minutes per player per game.  Recording of games required except in last five minutes on  either player's clock.


Tie Breaks:  Will be explained at the tournament.


Ratings:  This tournament is rated in the Washington Scholastic Rating System.  No memberships required.


Bring:  Chess sets, boards, clocks if you have them.  Try your best to bring clocks; borrow from your neighboring high school program if at all possible.  (Mark your equipment and keep track of it!)  Bring:  writing utensil, brains, competitive desire.  Scoresheets will be provided.  Regulation equipment is required. 


Awards:  Rotating trophy to champion.  Permanent trophies to top finishers.  Medal to each member of champion team.  Individual medals for perfect-score varsity players. 


Concessions: A snack bar will be available. 


Entry fee:  Varsity: $50 per team, received by Thursday March 4th.  This is a fully pre-registered tournament!  Enclose check for all players with entry form.  OR USE FAX ALTERNATIVE:  Complete entry may be faxed through Thursday 6 p.m.,  March 4, to (425) 921-4040.  Or e-mail entry to .  FOR ALL ENTRIES MAKE SURE THE GRADE LEVEL OF EACH PLAYER IS GIVEN.  In the case of faxed and e-mailed entries, fees for all players are due upon check-in. No telephone entries.  No entries on Friday.  No entries on site.  NOTE AGAIN!  FULLY PRE-REGISTERED BY MAIL (address below) OR BY FAX OR E-MAIL.  MAIL MUST BE RECEIVED BY THURSDAY, FAX OR E-MAIL BY THURSDAY 6 P.M., MARCH 4.  IF NOT RECEIVED THEN, YOUR ENTRY TO THE TOURNAMENT WILL BE DENIED!  SPECIAL NOTE: DO NOT B REPEAT B DO NOT SEND OR CALL ENTRIES TO PAUL.  ALL ENTRIES GO TO KIRK, NOT TO PAUL.  PAUL IS FOR QUESTIONS OR INFORMATION, BUT ENTRIES GO TO KIRK.  PLEASE!!!!


Tournament Direction:  WHSCA staff.


Tournament Coaches' Meeting Convener:  Paul Zurybida, Coach, Meadowdale HS Chess Team.


Make checks payable to:  WHSCA (Washington High School Chess Association).


Mail to: Kirk Winges,18031 NE 99th Ct, Redmond, WA 98052.


Questions, problems:  Call Paul Zurybida, (425) 776-6655. DO NOT SEND ENTRIES TO PAUL!!!!





The great side event at State Team --







Site, Ratings, Bring, Tournament Directors, Host, Make checks payable to, Mail to:  All the same as for State Team, above.


Format: Five round Swiss system tournament, computer paired individually.


Eligible: This is not an open tournament!  Only players whose schools have a team in the Varsity Team division of the tournament may attend.  In order to keep the tournament "team sensitive" throughout, JV entries must be limited to 10 players from any one school.


Schedule: Check in no later than 9 a.m.  Players not checked in by 9 a.m. will forfeit round one.  Rounds at 9:30, 11 a.m.; 1, 2:30, 4 p.m.  Awards when the Varsity teams division is ready, about 6:30 p.m.


Time Control: Game/30--30 minutes per player per game--Action chess!  Recording of games required except in last five minutes on either player's clock.


Awards:  A generous awards list to both individuals and teams (based on best 4 scores from a school) will be provided. 


Entry fee: $8 per player.  Entry form to be received as in Varsity Team announcement: by mail Thursday or by fax Thursday, 6 p.m., March 4th .


Questions, problems: Call Paul Zurybida, as numbered above.  BUT PLEASE, NO ENTRIES TO PAUL!!!!!